Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bradford days

Cally has in this post said some nice things about Doni and myself. I feel flattered to have been named by her. Reading blogs of people you have met make them even more interesting to read.

The link between Cally, Doni and myself is that we all started the Bradford course together in 2005. With a group of 15 individuals we began the course but as we progressed we bonded and became more of a group for the duration of the course, and beyond. Something special we have shared together with the ups and downs of the course. Our group was the last of the HNC Handwoven Textiles course, now changed into HNC Woven, Knitted or Embroidered Textiles. If you want an insight of the Bradford course do go and read Nigel's blog together with his photo albums. He is a current Bradford student and describes his Bradford process here in a unique way.

Starting my blog at the beginning of this year was for me a way of getting focused again on textiles and weaving in particular after a period where focussing in general had not been easy. Blogging has learned me so far to really look at what I have woven and how to describe this. A great learning curve that will continue to grow.
For my blog to be named by Cally was a surprise, I'm no longer hiding but in view of a bigger audience.
For me to name other blogs, I would have to choose, and many already have been named by others. We would keep going around in circles. So I choose to leave it at this. ;-)

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