Friday, March 27, 2009


Our Guild had a practical day today, making braids together. We were told to bring some thick yarn with us. I took some wool and cotton yarn but compared to the others mine was fine though it is far from my finest yarn. It just takes longer to finish the braid but I'm pleased with the result.
We were shown to make 2 different braids today.This is the first braid we made. Starting with 3 colours. Two groups of 3 double threads at each side (mine was 2 yellow and 1 green) and in the middle a group of 2 double threads (mine was red).The threads are clamped to the table so that you have a hold from where you can start braiding.
I was so busy learning the braiding that I forgot to take photos so I have made a new braid and taken photos at most stages trying to explain how this braid is made.I have used slightly different colours on the left (yellow/green) and right (dark yellow/blue) set of 3 double threads, hopefully showing what is happening to these threads.
These outer sets are threaded by bringing the under thread over the top thread, see in the drawing. This "fixing" is done each time after a change in the braiding.The red threads go from the centre again to the side, repeating all sequinces again until braid is finished.

The second braid that I made was this one, I will just place the photo:


  1. Did you make the second braid with a different technique??

    They look great - and seem like they'd be good trim for a couple of projects I have coming up!


  2. Sue,
    Yes it is a different technique that is best done with 2 people, though it can be done on your own, just a bit complicated. You have 6 double threads that you hold with your fingers and you have an extra yarn as weft. With 2 people, one holds the 6 double threads and the other weaves the weft yarn through. I will try and think of a way to make photos of this.
    It is a strong braid that does not stretch, useful for straps for bags if you make it large enough. I just made a tiny one.