Sunday, March 08, 2009

Creative Spinning workshop

I've just come back from my creative spinning workshop by Jane Deane and Alison Daykin.
It was a great workshop, I've gained so much! I've now been shown how to create a yarn, not just spin a yarn.
I had taken my object with me, my Azurite stone.
We had to look at it and think what was inspiring about it, was it the colour, the texture or the shape? We spent yesterday morning working with this in more depth, also drawing and colouring before we started spinning after lunch.

These are the results of my spinning. I'm very pleased with the yarns. The top purple (it looks blue but is more towards purple in real) yarn is a slub yarn. Is it not great to design and produce your own yarns like this. It is now a matter of finding the time to blend and spin the fibres into yarn and making enough for a weaving project.

The blue is in fact more toward the purple. My first yarn was more an Indigo blue but did not match the Azurite at all. In this photo you see the blue and purple yarns I made (here the purple yarn is the same as the yarn with the stone), I just cannot get the colour right in the photo. They are both a bit darker for real.

Here a close up of the slub yarn.

There are 3 different coloured green yarn, this is the darkest of the 3 but the photo shows it up much lighter than it is.

If you are also interested in doing a Creative Spinning workshop, Jane and Alison will be teaching this at Summer School in August this year. I can highly recommend this!


  1. Hi Margreet,

    I wrote you an email but I am having problems with hotmail sending out messages! I hope I'll be able to solve it - asap!!

  2. Hi Margreet, I hope you won't mind but I have named you in this post on my blog. Off to think some more about doublecloth now!

  3. Hello! thanks to Cally I just got here and found out what I've been missing... I do like your blog.

    Those yarns do capture the richness of your Azurite stone. Lovely.