Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I'm ready to start dyeing yarn for my next project but found I did not have the right scales to weigh my dyes. Browsing the internet I have found a scale that will weigh from 0,1 gram to 2 kg. So, this should also be good for weighing my yarns.When the scales arrive I'm ready to dye Shetland wool, the yarn colours are grey (I have dyed these before with cochineal with lovely result) pale brown and a dull green. I've already made and cleaned small skeins (together weighing 600 grams) as I intend to dye various colours to blend together with the original yarn.
Problem with learning different ways of dyeing is that there are now more choices to dye the yarns.......... natural dyes? acid dyes? Procion dyes? For the moment I'll leave that choice until the scales have arrived :-)
This will be a bigger project and I'll be weaving again on my Glimakra loom that I have not used for a while. Whilst waiting for the scales to arrive I'll be making a warp for the small Leclerc loom for some more scarves. I'll be working at more than one project together. I have not done this before, see how that works out.


  1. Good scales are a very useful tool to have!

  2. My scales have just arrived, it's perfect! The front pushes in so is protected when not in use.