Saturday, November 21, 2009

"New" spinning wheel

I have an old S10 Louet spinning wheel that was given to me by a friend more than 5 years ago and I learned to spin on it and I'm quit happy with the way the wheel spins. Around me many spinners are buying a Majacraft wheel. I have not yet succumbed BUT I have had my wheel upgraded! It was a single treadle wheel. Louet makes double treadle wheel these days and a friend had upgraded his old Louet from single to double treadle. He was able to get all the parts necessary from Louet 2 years ago but when I tried to get them I was unable to get them. In the end I got all the parts apart from the wood parts. So, yesterday we went out to get the wood that was needed (not easy, and I was lucky as my friend still had his old single treadle from his wheel, which he has used for my second treadle as we were unable to find the right wood for it) My friend was able to use his upgraded wheel as an example to upgrade my wheel!Here is the old situation. On the right is the connection of the treadle to the wheel, it was always making a noise as there was some movement between the handle and the screw. On the left is the single treadle and the lazy kate for 2 bobbins.Here is the upgraded wheel with double treadle. The connection from the treadle (on right) to the wheel is now with ball-bearings, so no more noise, hurray! I will still have to add a lazy kate but I have not decided if I want it attached to the wheel (on the left) or have it free standing. It is really nice to spin this way now, but I have to make sure to sit on a chair that is high enough so that I sit at the right angle for treadling. The position is different for a single treadle or a double treadle. Thanks Toon!

When we were out getting the wood for the wheel, I also got some parts to upgrade my little loom. At the moment I need elastic bands to keep the shafts down. I want to change this so that this is no longer needed. And may be I can add some shafts as it now has 4 shafts. That will be a job I'll be tackling myself this coming week (with help of hubby hopefully) so that I can use it at my local guild this coming Friday.


  1. Ohh wow!! This is just so awesome! I have an ST myself and I have been thinking on how to make it dt. Would you be willing to take a few pictures of the bottom? I'd like to see how the rod that supports' both treadles is connected to the center bar. Congrats to you on your upgrade!

  2. I would love to know how you upgraded your wheel to a double treadle, pretty please???