Monday, November 02, 2009

Finished weaving the scarves

I finished weaving the 2 scarves. I still have to do the twisting of the fringes, that will be done when I have some spare time.
They are very different. The first one I added the extra plain colour silk yarn and they have come out as stripes in the scarf. I wove the scarf in reversing twill, but when adding the plain silk yarn I wove a straight twill.
The second scarf I did not add another weft yarn, just used the dyed yarn from Summer School.
Here I wove a reversing twill again but varying in the length of the repeat.
I like this scarf best as the colouring pattern from the coloured yarn has come out really nice. This is something you do not know how it will come out as the yarn is not dyed even but at random.
My warp run out but I managed to weave just over 145cm so still a good length for a scarf, the first one was 160cm. The warp was 360cm long as I used my smallest warping board and that is the maximum I can warp with this one.

I have some weft yarn left from both scarves and the 3rd skein not used at all so there is another project possible with this yarn. (in this photo the top skein is unused, the other skeins there is about 1/5 left of each skein, the darkest part)


  1. What a pretty result: soft watery, misty looking patterns.

  2. The scarves are lovely, very delicate colors!

  3. Margreet, I love your scarves! The second one has a fantastic effect, I like how the yarn resulted in different coloured areas, you really got the width right!