Thursday, November 12, 2009

New loom

I was given a small loom (+3 reeds) by a friend. It is a home made one but ever so cute (weaving width 23cm and total length front to back is 54cm). Handy for small sample weaving with 4 shafts. We have a weaving workshop at our Guild in 2 weeks time, so this will be useful to take along that day. I have to renew some parts to get it working again but that is no problem. I've taken of the cotton heddles and washed them and at the bottom of the shafts should be elastic. When that is renewed it should be working again.

I'm warping my Leclerc loom at the moment with another warp for 2 scarves. I could be weaving again very soon. :-)
I'll do a different threading this time. Last scarves warp was threaded 1-8, I'm now thinking of stripes/ribs, something like 1-4 (x2 or x3) and 5-8 (x2 or x3). Just to make them different from the other 2, thought they will be different anyway as the weft colour is not the same.

The 2 finished scarves have come out nice after washing and pressing:


  1. The little loom looks just like one of my looms, made by Dryad in Britain.

    Bit tricky to pull up the toggles on the shafts but I made my first projects on it and was very happy too! Just the right size for taking about!

  2. Artemis,
    I remember your loom and your amazing first weaving on it!