Thursday, November 19, 2009

More scarves

I've now finished weaving this dyed silk yarn. I had 3 colours and wove 3 scarves and the 4th scarf I used the leftovers from the first 3. The first 2 scarves I have shown here. For the last 2 scarves I threaded the loom differently.
Instead of straight 1 to 8 like I did for the first 2:I did this:I now have to finish the fringes and than wash the scarves.
For now they look like this:
Scarf 3 detail:Scarf 4 detail:
All though the colours were all different, the 2nd colour in each batch was very similar so in this last scarf that makes it blend in together.

I liked the effect I got from the dyed yarn (ball dyed on both sides with a different colour) so I will use this dye method again in future.

I have not come any further with dyeing the Shetland yarn. Another job is getting the little loom ready for weaving with some modifications. I hope to get this done before the weekend.


  1. Your scarves are simply beautiful! I think the dyed yarn makes the structure very interresting.
    I look forward to see the dyed Shetland yarn. I machine-knit a lot with Shetland yarn, manufactured in Italy (by Filatura di Grignasco). The garments are beautiful even after several years of heavy use by kids.

  2. The dyed yarn came out great in those scarves! Nice job!


  3. Charlotte and Sue, thanks for the comments. I'm looking forward to using this dyeing method with different yarn. This yarn I could only use as weft yarn. It will be interesting to see the effect, if yarn dyed this way is used as warp yarn.