Friday, February 12, 2010

Colour samples

I've made some scans of the different samples of the colour warp. It is all plain weaving.
This is weft colour as warp. Can you spot the beads at the top right? I gave each sample some beads so that I could identify them after washing. The shrinking all over is not even strangely enough. May be this has everything to do with me not weaving consistently! I find it very difficult to weave "square". The above sample was most square of all.
This colour sample is woven I've woven six times + half as that was all my warp had left in the end. I have washed all the samples apart from this "half"sample.
Another sample:
was woven with different colours and as you can see, it is not "square" woven, it is longer than it is wide.
This sample has a much thicker weft yarn. I had some linen yarn in 4 different colours. Being linen it was much harder getting a good edge, the yarn was far to stiff. But as sample it is ok, I'll probably frame it anyway together with the other samples, making a sample book.
It will be nice to have a book of colour samples at the end of the course, seeing how colours interact together. May be, I'll discover that I like colours I never thought I would have liked using, as I tend to use blues,  purples and mauves a lot.
My next warp is green, blue, brown and purple! I'll be using as many colours as I can in the different samples, giving me an idea what would work with these colours.

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  1. This is extremely interesting and useful, I think. At the end, you'll have a whole library of different color blends.