Friday, February 12, 2010


Parallel to my deflected double weaving course I also go to a colour course also given by Marian Stubenitsky.
Our first assignment was to make some moodboards with colours that we liked and disliked with warm and cold colours. Sure a different way to look at colours!
Next assignment is to weave with colours, again, a colour that we like and one we dislike and some complimentary colours. When I had a choice of all the colours in front of me, I found that I liked a lot of colours, making it hard to choose. I made a few possible sets but in the end made a decision. Looking back, they are more towards the warm colours that I went for.
We are weaving extra samples so that we can exchange them at the next lesson.
I have finished the warp but I've made a second warp with different colours so that I can do some more colour weaving before the next lesson next week.
The second warp is more towards the cold colours. I only realised this after I had finished warping this warp!
I look forward to mixing colours with this next warp.  As I have made my extra samples already for the exchange, I can now play more with this warp.
Here is the first warp, most samples are the same (weft like warp), apart from one with different colours and one with a different thickness yarn:


  1. I like the warm sunny colors you used in this warp! I've wondered many times at why we like or dislike certain color combinations. This sounds like a really great workshop to attend.

  2. It's great for me to see examples of warm colors like yours. (I just painted a big warp in red, orange and yellow, and I find it intimidatingly bright.) Your weaving makes me think my warp might end up OK.

    It is interesting how much different people like different colors.