Monday, February 15, 2010

Second colour warp

I've finished the second colour warp with the "cold" colours. I managed to weave 9 samples out of it. Marian let me know that I had gotten the sample with thick yarn not right, I should have used thick-thin alternately. Glad to hear, so that I could do it correct this time. You'll see when I upload the sample.
It really is an eye opener weaving these colour samples. Although it is plain weave, it shows how the colours connect with one and other.
All photos show left side after washing/pressing and right side before washing.
This sample is weft like warp. There are one and a half (the end of the warp could only manage a half sample) more of these colour samples.
Here, the weft colours are the warp colours from the first warp.
In this sample the weft colours are similar but different from the warp colours.
Here some lighter colours in the weft.
A mix of light and dark weft colours
Another mix of dark and light but also warm and cooler colours.
This is the thick/thin sample, leaving a thin one out in the middle of the colour blocks,  showing the other colour in the warp. The thick yarn is linen.

My next lesson is coming Saturday so hopefully enough time to weave another warp mixing warm and cold colours together. I would like to investigate how these samples will turn out.
I have discovered that there is a tendency towards similar colours in my stash, so I will look for different colours to add to my stash next time I'm buying more of this yarn. I'm using the Venne cotton 34/2 as there are so many colours to choose from and it weaves up very nice. Still having problems getting the weaving square with this second warp, though it went better than the first one. The sett is 12threads/cm, which should be ok for plain weave.


  1. I am very interested in your outcomes and I very much wish there was a weaving school in my area!

    I also find that I buy the same colors over and over but it turns out that they are not the colors that I wear most often, except for black. Maybe I should buy a whole new wardrobe?? Just kidding but I wonder why I make the choices that I do?

  2. Alice, it takes me about an hour to get to the weaving school. Taking this course is teaching me to look beyond my comfort zone. I tend to go for colours that I feel comfortable with.

  3. Thank you for posting all those samples, I feel I should really do this some time.

  4. Charlotte, it is really addictive to be weaving these samples seeing the interaction of the colours together. I've just set up the 3rd warp with other colours. I'll record the used colours an a sheet so that I have the separate yarns together with the samples.

  5. How smart of you to 1)notice your tendency to use similar colors; and 2)decide to open yourself up to other possibilities