Thursday, February 18, 2010

Third colour warp

This has been a fun exercise to be weaving plain weave with different colours. I have done 3 different warps, I only needed to do one but I enjoyed the different colour settings.
Here are the 3 warps together in one photo:
I have finished the samples and the last warp samples look like this: (right side before washing, left after washing and pressing)
This sample is weft like warp.
Here the weft is similar to the warp colours but just a bit darker (the light green warp is yellow weft)
Again, the weft colours in a just darker shade than the warp colours. The green warp is a variegated green to yellow weft, this has become stripy in the weaving.
Here the weft colours are much darker, though the purple warp is a warmer red purple.
Here the weft colours are paler than the warp colours.
Weft colours are dark and pale grey, black and white.
Another thick/thin sample. The thick yarn is cotton chenille.

I've found it very interesting to see how the warp changes colour with the different coloured weft yarns.
I will now get all the samples from the 3 warps organized together with bundles of the different coloured yarns used. The next lesson is this Saturday, the second of five lessons. So, looking forward to the next assignment.


  1. You have been busy and this is a very interesting assignment. It reminds me of the colour samples I wove. I remain fascinated by the effects of different warp and weft colours, such interesting things can happen.

  2. Yes Dorothy, I'm really enjoying this. One warp would have been enough for the assignment but using more colours gives me a bigger "library" for later use.

  3. My favorite was the weft lighter than the warp. I wasn't fond the variegated yarn in the weft on my project either for the same reason - too stripy. Thanks for sharing that!

  4. What a great experiment. And the zinging colours in the piece on the left have really brightened up my morning!

  5. Now you have your own color "library", what a great thing to have when planning new textiles!

  6. Het plezier spat van je foto's, Margreet! Wat is spelen met kleurtjes toch leuk.