Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Life's ups and downs

Not much weaving just now but busy with arrangement for the cremation this coming Friday of my father's wife who passed away last Sunday. She was 90 and has had a good life apart from having had Alzheimer in her last years (we had the good fortune that she still recognized us most of the time  to the end).
It is sad to see how heartbroken my father is though.
That's the down side of life just now.

But when you find a parcel like this after coming home from a busy day:
then that is the up side of life!!! What a lovely surprise.
This fleece has travelled far. It is half merino/half romney. It's a lovely colour grey/brown and brown/black. I look forward to be spinning this lovely fleece. (After I have finished spinning the last North Ronaldsay that I've had since we did a fibre challenge with the OLG in 2004!!! I had received 5 different colours NR and I spun 4 so far, but still have not finished the last colour. When all is finished, it will make a nice weaving project.)


  1. Wow, I would love to get my hands on that beautiful fleece!

    What a sad time for your father. Even though he has been losing her slowly one is never ready to say goodbye.

  2. The good, the bad and the ugly. It's hard when parents grieve - so sorry. How lovely to have the fleece to brighten your day. The crimp is delicious.

  3. This was sad to hear. I hope spinning the fleece will provide some comfort.

  4. Life is so mixed, we have to make the most of good times and small pleasures can be very important. Glad you had this lovely package to bring some happiness. Merino-Romney cross must be lovely and soft and fine?

  5. I feel so sad for you and your father. Alzheimer's is so tragic, isn't it. I just hope medical advances can be made in this area. One loses one's loved one and they are still physically there, but not there. May she rest in peace.