Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dyeing the Woven Shibori

Last night I dyed the woven Shibori. It took a long time for the cloth to dry and you are supposed to wait with taking the pattern threads out until it is dry. Well, I speeded the drying up a bit by putting it in the dryer, but I did not want to use to much heat here. I even put the heating on for a while so that I could use the radiator for drying :-) I'm happy with the result, though difficult to see the network pattern in it. You can see differences but that is all.
Now, showing the result is quite a challenge as you need to spread it open to see what has happened. Scanning is what is needed.
Here is the warp after drying but with the pattern theads still in
Here a close up, with the pattern threads still in
Here, after taking out the pattern threads
This is what's left of the pattern threads......
 Here a scan of part of the scarf, where I spread the cloth out for the pattern to be seen
Here a scan of all of it but not spread out, so the pattern that comes with the dyeing is not clearly seen.
I still have some warp left on the loom, I will do a bit of sampling with what is left over now. I had woven 3 plain weave rows overall in between the pattern rows, may be I should do a bit of experimenting with this and see what happens. I would like to see the network pattern back after the dyeing.


  1. It has a lovely texture as well. Are you planning to keep it crinkly?

  2. Cally, yes I'll leave it like this as it looks more interesting crinkly. I hope to learn more from the sample I'm weaving now.