Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More Shibori

I wove up the warp with another Woven Shibori, this time adapting the pattern to just one repeat and 4 plain weave in between the pattern thread. It's not fully dried yet, so I cannot pull it open to see how the pattern is on the inside but I think that the intended pattern shows up better overall this time.
I also died the woven scarf first in a turquoise bath and only then pulled the pattern thread tight and died again in a darker colour, a mix of 20% red and 80% turquoise.
Here the woven scarf from the loom and after the first dye bath.
Close up of the woven cloth with clearly the pattern thread visible.
Almost finished with pulling the pattern threads.
Scarf after second dye bath, not yet dry.
Scan of the scarf, I like the colours together. Just have to wait a while before I can have a look "inside" the scarf when it is fully dried. But I like it as it is.
Lesson learned, not to start to complex.
My first trial there was to much going on and no clear pattern is seen there after weaving, though the scarf is ok and looks nice. Just not what I had in mind when I wove it.

Empty loom again, so have to think of the next warp.

This date used to be a special date, now no longer. Weird.

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