Thursday, June 16, 2011

Woven Shibori

My local Guild held an outdoor day today. Our last meeting before the Summer and holiday season. We were going to dye our woven Shibori. But it rained all day, so no dyeing done but we had a good time together. This is the first time that the weather was against us on our outdoor day.
I made a warp with 8/2 Tencel and used all 24 shafts on the Magic Dobby on a network draft.
On the left is how the woven warp came of the loom and on the right it shows how it looked after I drew the pattern weft yarn tight. For the pattern I used a polyester yarn that I bought at my local store, it's really a strong sewing thread. I was able to really pull hard, only once did the threads brake when pulling. I left it and hope that it will hold ok between the other threads. I'll find out after dyeing.
Here is a close up of the cloth, and you can see the thin pattern threads on top. I wove 3 rows of plain weave in between the pattern thread.
Here a start with tightening the pattern threads.
Here the whole warp with all the pattern threads tightened up.
Here a close up of this.
This warp is now soaking in the water and I will dye it tomorrow by myself with Procion.
It is the first time that I have woven a Shibori and I'm keen to see the result after dyeing.
Here is the draft of the warp. You can just about see the difference in the treadling. I just used the colour to make a difference between these treadlings and between the plain weave (blue) and the pattern weave.


  1. Can't wait to see the results of your woven shibori. I've only used 4 shaft and 8 shaft patterns, so your 24 shaft pattern should be really interesting!

  2. Wat spannend! Ik heb het wel vaker gezien, nog nooit zelf gedaan, maar vind het steeds even geweldig. Ik hoop dat je spoedig gaat verven en ons het resultaat zal laten zien.

  3. Leuk werk, shibori weven. Ik heb het al een paar keer gedaan en het wordt meestal wel mooi. Het is in elk geval altijd weer spannend.

  4. Talk about a cliff hanger, I cannot wait to see what comes next. I'm sure you're anticipating the unveiling more than me!

  5. Like everyone else, Margreet, I am really looking forward to seeing the final result! Should be great!