Friday, June 03, 2011

This and that, reflecting time

It is so nice to get positive feedback. I'm very much up and down, lately a bit more down than up. So encouraging words really do help. Thank you all who have given me feedback.
And my granddaughter's reaction on the photo says it all. That is what keeps me going. Skyping with the grandchildren is also really lovely. Blowing kisses and giving a cyber hugh.

This month OnLineGuild workshop is by Isabella Whitworth: notebooks. I'm really looking forward to this and intend to take part and get the creative juices flowing again. You can only take part in the OLG workshops by being a member. Members do get The Journal each quarter and if you want to take part in Summer School, you are entitled to the special Guild rate.
There have been some great OLG workshops already this year but I have not managed to take part in any yet. The beauty of these workshops is that you can always do it at another time, when it suits you better. But that does need some discipline...... Doing it at the time they are given you get feedback when you post about your experiences. You can still post at a later date if you want, but that is different.
And talking about Summer School, I have enrolled at the last minute and will take part in the Digital Photography Course. David had a lovely camera and I want to be able to use it well. Also, we were married just around the corner from where Summer School is being held. So, it will be nice to revisit and look back, reflect AND go forward.


  1. Your granddaughter is so cute in that dress! I love the little extra touches you included. I didn't renew my membership to the OLG this year, as I'm sure you know. My life has changed so much! The workshop sounds really interesting though.

  2. Leigh, may be one day you might be back again... For now all your time and energy (and money) go into your 5 Acres. What a journey you are on there, but lovely to be able to follow you there.

  3. We zullen misschien samen maar eens wat moeten gaan inhalen, Margreet. Ik heb dit jaar ook nog nergens aan meegedaan.

  4. Annie, daar moeten we het maar eens over hebben! Goed idee. Nu eerst de Notebook.

  5. Hey, I'll get to see you at summer school! I'm not taking a class but I'll be at the suppliers fair with the Journal.

  6. I'm so pleased to hear you've decided to take the digital photography class. It will be a nice segue to David's work. This is a bridge to cross that unfortunately many women are faced with - we marry men who are are older than us. Those beautiful grandkids are going to enjoy seeing what you can do with their images :)