Friday, June 24, 2011


The Shibori scarves are done now and I'm really happy and I'm sure I'll do some more later.
The 2nd scarf was a bit short, I left the fringe on one side long, no warp waste and a longer scarf. You can see the wavy pattern in the 2nd scarf and I'm happy how the colours have come out. You might spot a lighter patch in the fringe. I had unknowingly left a warp knot in when I was dyeing.

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  1. Ze zien er heel fraai uit. Lijkt me reuze spannend dat samentrekken van die ingeweven draden en dan verven. Ik begrijp dat er nog meer van deze sjaals komen...? Eigenlijk zou ik ze in het echie willen zien. Nou ja, in oktober misschien.