Saturday, March 03, 2012


My last warp is woven up but the fringes not yet finished so nothing more to show than this photo.

The Iridescent workshop 2 weeks ago was very inspiring but it took me until today to get the warp made. I'm hoping to make progress to get the warp on the loom tonight.

I bought a warping paddle years ago but found it impossible to use.  However, for this warp the 4 colour sequence is the same right through so it made sense to try the paddle again. And hé, it worked ok!

I lost count at one point so will find out when I dress the loom, if I have made a mistake.

Yesterday we had our first real Spring weather day. I spend some time working in the garden. It was a joy. Next week it will be a bit cooler again but I'm sure it won't be long before Spring is here to stay.

Tomorrow I plan to go to the last day of  this exhibition of work by Sheila Hicks. Looking forward to go there.


  1. Ik kan me er nog steeds niet toe zetten om een scheerplank te gebruiken, maar zoals ik mu bij jou zie is alle verandering daarin nog mogelijk. Je schering ziet er veelbelonend uit.
    En lekker he: dat naderende voorjaar!

  2. I don't understand how to use a warping paddle but that makes sense, if you have four threads in a repeat pattern. Now I just need to buy one. I love your colors.