Friday, March 30, 2012

Double weaving with colours

I'm weaving double weave with colours, the other workshop series I've signed up for.
Bright red and dark blue in the warp and another red and blue in the weft.
I'm playing with the design but also with the colours. Great fun!
I cannot get the colours "as is" in the photo but you can see the differences in blue that I've been playing with. The palest almost looks like white in the weaving. I did not like that so started playing with the colour blue.
Enough for tonight though, tomorrow is another day.

Tonight I received an email from my 6 year old grandson, his first. He had typed the text and his mum helped with the email part of it.
It was heart warming.


  1. Het weefsel ziet er mooi uit. Ik kan me voorstellen dat de lichtblauwe draad problemen gaf. Het contrast is te groot. Leuk he, experimenteren!?

  2. I've never done double weave, but I would certainly welcome the opportunity to take a class. I realize I need a teacher. Isn't it fantastic when grandchildren get email addresses?!! :)