Sunday, March 25, 2012

So far

Iridescent warp is woven and I had my 2nd workshop day yesterday.
This is the result of weaving the first warp. The first half I wove a longer pattern in one colour, using 5 colours in total but the 2nd half I slightly changed the treadling and wove a shorter pattern for each colour and for the same length I was able to use 8 colours. The yellow is the least distinctive but the lighter yellow is better than the darker yellow. Best liked are the blue & green colours if I had to make a choice.

My next warp is going to be for the double weave workshop. I will not make to long a warp for this.

The grandchildren were here for one night. This morning they were busy painting eggs.

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  1. Wat geeft dat toch een prachtig effect, en dat 'gewoon' met een schering en inslag draadje :-)

    leuk je kleinkinderen aan het eieren schilderen.