Friday, March 16, 2012

Some weaving and more

Not much more weaving done since posting last photos, just this to show:
Yesterday I spent the day at the Textile Museum in Tilburg meeting up with an Online Guild member from Austria. We had a great day going over all to see and exchanging ideas.
The one thing I had not yet seen at the Museum is their library. It's a good collection and you are able to study in the library, not take out any books. I will definitely go back again. I've seen a few books I would like to have a closer look at.

Today I went to to weaving class. I've signed up for 2, the first one being Iridescent weaving and the second is Double Weaving with 4 or more colours. I think they complement one and other but I will have to get on with my weaving to get the full benefit of doing the classes.
I even have to postpone a trip to London.
But I'm glad I took the decision to do them both. Marian does not teach these subjects every year, it also depends on getting enough people together. Both groups have 7 students (I'm the only one doing both)

Good news today, DD getting the all clear after 8 months of chemo. Now the healing can start from having had this long period of chemo. And Spring is in the air, what more do we want.
Granddaughter staying with me this weekend. Looking forward to having some quality time together.


  1. Good news on your classes and double triple good news on your daughter. Let the healing begin!

  2. That's fabulous news, Margreet! I am so glad for you all :-)