Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Adjustments to loom

Here are a few photos to show what the adjustments look like now.
A more detailed photo from the front:
The green arrow points to the wood that is fixed to the Louet beater. The red arrows point to the original Louet parts. The blue arrows point to where the adjustments are made to move the reed up and down.
The back part looks like this:
The coloured arrows point to the same parts as the front photo. The yellow arrow points to another part fixed to the extra wood parts to stabilize it all. If this was not there it would wobble to much.

The original Louet beater stand was used and extra upper and lower reed holder were bought and cut. (By buying this extra, I'll be able to use the beater for normal reeds too with the original upper and lower reed holder). By cutting to size, it was possible to fix the extra wood parts (where the adjusting system is fixed on to) on the inside of the beater stand. A ruler was fixed to both sides so that it's easy to see how much to move up or down. I've been moving 0,5cm every time I move. With this warp I've moved between 8,5cm. This way I just stayed away from the top and bottom of the reed. By doing this, I have not had any more broken warp threads. I'm hoping that with stronger threads I'll be able to weave higher and lower as the total hight of the reed is 11cm.
I'll now post some photo's to Louet as I promised I would show them what my friend Toon has made.

I've almost woven this warp. It's easy to get into a rhythm, moving after every so many throws. My first sample I moved after every 4th throw up or down and for the rest of the warp I've been playing with doing this after every 6th and 8th throw. Woven plain weave but the last part I'm weaving twill just to see how that comes out. Once cut, I'll be able to show more samples.


  1. Wow, this is so exciting! Do these latest changes also mean that your 70 cm apron rod will now pass through the beater under the attachements?

  2. Cally, I use a different smaller rod for this that passes through between it all, I'll make a picture showing how it passes through.