Wednesday, August 15, 2012

update on weaving

I've woven a bit more but have come up against a problem that needs attending. The whole made frame where the reed is fitted into needs to be lifted slightly so that I can weave just a bit more "down the reed"
The yellow arrow is where I cannot go any higher. When the whole frame is lifted slightly (red arrows show where it's attached to the beater) than I'll be able to weave a bit more.

But this is what the weaving looks like up to now
In the first narrow bit, I think I went just to far, there was a lot of tension on the warp and I had a broken warp thread and I also found that the warp threads were sticking into the reed. Once I found this out I was able to correct it every time this happened.
This is the point of this warp. Finding out how to weave with this reed and what problems you come up against.
Tomorrow is another day :-) Enough for today.


  1. That's looking beautiful, Margreet. The way the density of the threads changes makes me think of light playing on water. What exciting possibilities!

  2. Cally, yes lots of exciting things ahead. But it is slow weaving as you have to up/down the reed all the time.
    Next warp on this reed will be with colour.