Tuesday, August 21, 2012

more updating

The first sample has been cut.
I wove as much as I could but came upon a problem I should have thought about when attaching the warp to the apron rod. My loom is 70cm wide but the ondulé reed is 60cm wide. And the adaptation to the beater makes it not wider than the 60cm. So, using my usual rod of 70cm I had a problem once I reached the point that the 70cm would not pass the 60cm gap :-(
The changes made solving the problem I had going higher were done like this:
The green arrow shows where the copper part was changed for a small nut, giving me just enough space to move the extra hight.
Here the sample after cutting, it's about 38cm long:
The new to me yarn, the bamboo is nice to weave with but may be next time I should choose a stronger yarn to avoid braking any warp threads when weaving at the top or bottom of the reed.
The bamboo looks a bit like linen but than they are both plants so not so silly to see the similarity here.

A short break from weaving this warp now as I'm taking the beater and reed to my friend Toon. He is going to do a final adaptation, so that I'll be able to use my usual 70cm reeds in this beater too. At the moment that is not possible due to the way it is all fixed to the beater.
Up until now I only had the hanging beater that comes with the loom and really had to get used to that in the beginning. I had read that Louet did a standing beater but never thought about what difference that would make to the weaving. Now that I have ordered it for this ondulé reed I really prefer this beater to the hanging version. This standing beater is fixed to the stand with a small block of wood.
We found it was just to high so my friend sliced a bit of this block and it is perfect now.The green arrow shows where the beater is fixed into the block, that point was to high. The blue arrow is the amount that was sliced of giving a perfect hight.


  1. Wat heerlijk dat je alles zo duidelijk uitlegt en laat zien. Zo'n riet is wel heel erg spannend. Hoe zou zo'n lapje na de was blijven? Ben ik ook benieuwd naar.

  2. Hi Margreet!

    apart from all the technical problems to solve, the sample is beautiful!!! and now that I see it I think that it was worth all the effort ;-)