Thursday, January 16, 2014

detours away from the loom

the moiré is still the only warp i have made so far this year
tomorrow is guild day and i will be working more on this warp there.
the dobby loom is still empty :-(

yesterday was time spent with the grandchildren, going to the dentist with them ;-)
today i have a friend sorting out my garage light that has not been working for the last few weeks, so will be nice to have good lighting there again.

scary undertaking, joining up to facebook last night, after having said for years that i would never do that.....
but i want to join a closed group for the next 12 weeks, so, unless i joined facebook i would not have been able to sign up to this group. more on this later...

i now have time to think about a warp for the dobby loom. i have to many options and unable to make a choice. still to connect the new laptop to the interface, may be i should start with this....


  1. beware facebook is a time ditcher. ask me how i know

  2. It's nice to see you there, though!