Tuesday, January 28, 2014

juggling shuttles

In the middle of a sample, juggling 4 shuttles!
This is what I have in front of me :-). Mind you, one (weaving the warp colour) is on my lap and the block colours are on the weaving. One in hand and the other 2 wobbling on the weaving. I'm sitting on a stool so no space for shuttles on a bench.......
And this is what it looks like underneath. I'm just over halfway weaving these 3 blocks.
And here this sample is finished. The 3 blocks are a combination of 3 of the patterns I wove earlier, that I liked best. Looking at the photo (in green block most visible), I think I might have made a mistake in the lifting order of the shafts. And I thought I had a good system of keeping track :-(
May be I'll make another one with different colours.
But the dobby loom is calling too......


  1. Very interesting samples! I like the way the colors blend where the blocks overlap.

  2. Thank you Sandra. I think it makes juggling those shuttles worth it ;-)

  3. I've never mastered handling more than two shuttles at a time. Good for you, and lovely sampling!

  4. Thank you Margery! I've managed 8 before.......
    but you do need a system to keep track of the different shuttles. ;-)

  5. great sample! hail to the master juggler :)