Saturday, January 25, 2014

other activity

in my posting here i mentioned having joined facebook.......
well, i've joined a fitness group on facebook
it runs for 12 weeks and i've finished the first week now and lost just over a kilo ;-)
lots of muscle aching but i feel great for doing it
my aim is to feel fitter, last year i did not feel well at all
here i get the encouragement to keep going and also keeping a log of what i eat and drink, working well this group!
left out the wine this week but will enjoy a glass in the weekend :-)


  1. There's a really good weaving group on FB called 4-shaft weaving. Check it out.

  2. Thank you Sharon. I found it!

  3. walking! i've lost a lot of weight by walking 1 hour daily.
    then i do some weights when i get back home. no diets.