Thursday, January 09, 2014

more progress

Warping was finished by Sunday and so have woven a tiny bit, doing the homework for the guild meeting.
It is in fact clasped weft weaving, this bit. Had to make 2 designs with lines on transparent sheets and merge them together.
A week on Friday is our next meeting, see what we'll do next with the moiré.

I have added a light to the Jane loom, this has helped with the threading. The only place I could add a light was at the back of the shafts.
For weaving it is not really helpful as the shafts and the handles at the front block the light when weaving.
With the threading the handles were up, so not obstructing the light. The light is clipped on, so when taking the loom with me I can just clip the light away from the loom.

Another thing I have been doing is putting up some shelving in the garage. Wow, I did it. All by myself.
Now to sort through bits and pieces and fill the shelves; hopefully my car will soon be back in the garage.

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