Thursday, January 30, 2014

more moiré

Finished another sample, using 4 colours
Above photo shows the back of the warp but this is the right side
and here, as I saw it, when weaving.
Looks like some warp tension differences looking at the green block :-(
I will not be able to have a good look until it's cut off the loom but that will have to wait.

The first 3 block sample there were parts that had the same shafts lifting in some colours. So in this 2nd sample I looked for different shafts lifting at each pick. By the way, this was 492 picks to weave. The previous sample 300. Only the centre part you have to juggle with the 4 shuttles. I stuck to an order. So here, the first block was purple and that was my first colour all the way, next adding dark blue, that was my 2nd colour and the green was 3rd. When the purple was finished, the dark blue was first to weave, followed by green.

The next part of the workshop is weaving moiré twill, so I will be studying this before I continue weaving.
But first I have to go and look after my sick granddaughter tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing her but not for this reason....


  1. samples are getting cooler and cooler

  2. wait for the next one :-) that is, if it works out as I hope it will