Thursday, January 23, 2014


i've been weaving some samples. it's slow and i cannot see what it will be like whilst weaving (photo on the left) as the front is underneath (photo on the right).
the first sample (bottom of the photo) i wove wrong as i continued with a part that i thought would be more interesting but it's the combination of the whole pattern that creates the moiré effect. now it just looks like stripes. the last woven sample (top of the photo) is the same pattern but woven as it should have been, woven with other colours and now it shows the pattern that the first one should have looked like. the middle sample is another pattern. i have several patterns to weave. but it's slow and i have a bit of a cold. the temperature is now much more like it should be this time of year, we even had some hail tonight.


  1. take care of your cold.
    temps have dropped here as well, morning walk has to be brisk to avoid numbness :)

  2. Lovely! I love crawling under my loom to take photos of the underside of the piece. That is how i find my mistakes ;)

    Take care!

  3. Alice, lovely to hear from you. Hope you are ok as I have not seen you posting for a long time at your blog!

  4. Margreet, are you using Verda Elliott's articles on woven moire? The design formed by the intersections of the two twills dominated her samples, which were beautiful. She ignored float length to figure out the mathematics needed.

  5. Bonnie, this is a workshop by Ineke Elsinga at my local guild. It's a workshop spread out over this Winter. I missed the November meeting, so I'm now working my way through her notes as I got inspired again after our meeting last week. I'm finding it slow weaving but the fun part will come once I start weaving my own ideas.