Sunday, January 16, 2011

1st weaving on Magic Dobby finished

The scarf is woven, now it needs finishing.
It is long enough for the mistake to be undone, so may be I'll do that. It depends on how easy it is to unpick the weft yarn. The mistakes are at the very beginning.
Here a photo of both sides. I note that the centre colour stripe is blue on both sides. Just the way it came out, not planned.
I've enjoyed the weaving, it was not complicated to weave, but the result is very likeable.
I'm very happy with the loom.Though I'll have to watch that the right amount of shafts are lifted.
I wonder how that will go once I have the interface box, in place of the pegs and bars. I'm hoping that this will come next month.
I have more of the self dyed silk yarn, so I'm planning one more scarf like this but than with white. I'm sure that will be less striking than with the black. But I want to make it a gift and I think it will suit that person better.


  1. Gorgeous colours! A very good light and magnification help with mending.

  2. Oh that's come out beautifully! The colours are lovely, very clear and fresh.

    I have also had occasional problems with lifting an extra shaft on the Megado - I finally tracked it down to the way the texsolv cord lies (or when it goes wrong, doesn't lie) in the groove at the end of the shaft. If it is outside this groove it can catch on the adjacent shaft and doesn't return to its place; this keeps the dobby hook engaged even when I move on to the next lift.

    No idea if this is related to your problem, but I now always check the cords are in place before starting to weave, and then again after every hour or so of weaving just in case any have slipped out. I blame myself for being too energetic! ;-)

  3. Cally, I think the problem is to do with the pegs. If it is not lined up 100% it seems to catch an extra shaft.
    I'm not sure how you advance with the Megado, with the Magic Dobby you have to turn a knob. So I have to fiddle with the knob when I notice that more shafts have been lifted.
    I'm just hoping that this will be solved when the interface box will be installed (hopefully next month)