Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Today, my father is 100!!
So, it was party time with family and friends.
His eldest sister was nearly 101 when she died, so he is the second to reach this milestone in the family.
He cannot see much any more so the little ones had made a drawing with 100 that he could "feel".
He copes very well with his handicap by listening to spoken word (books, magazines and papers) and radio, he keeps up to date this way with all that is going on around him.


  1. Happy Birthday to your father!

    Your warp in the previous post is gorgeous.

  2. Hartelijk gefeliciteerd met de 1oo-ste verjaardag van je vader. Wat geweldig dat hij nog zo naar van alles luisterd al zal hij het vast liever gewoon gelezen hebben. De 'tekening' van kleintjes is ontroerend.

    Je schering uit je vorige blogje is zo mooi, de glans, de kleuren, prachtig gewoon.


  3. Happy Birthday to your Dad! That is a great age!

  4. I have an aunt who turned 103 last fall and an uncle in Alaska is going to celebrate his 100th birthday in March. I wish I had the money to fly up and celebrate it with him. He's still volunteering in soup kitchen a couple mornings a week.

  5. Almost forgot - congratulations to your father! I hope you inherit his genes~