Monday, January 10, 2011

Mistake in threading

At last I'm feeling like weaving again and have tied the warp onto the beam.
Next thing was to put the pegs in for weaving, than disaster struck!
What had I been thinking when threading the heddles!
I have a tabby for the black threads on shaft 1+2 and a 3-1 twill for the coloured silk BUT I threaded the coloured threads over 6 shafts on 3 to 8 !!! So, now I cannot weave a 3-1 twill.
 I used more shafts as I did not have enough heddles on shaft 3 to 6. I should have extended with 4 more shafts rather than just the 2, using 3 to 10.
This happens when you start a job like this when you have flu coming on.
So, the only option is to re-thread the heddles if I want to weave 3-1 twill and that is what I want to weave.
Better start quickly.........


  1. you could weave the coloured stripes in a 2/1 twill. 6 treadles would then be necessary

  2. I just had similar Problems...i like to habe new ideas..other as wished before..

    solche probleme beschäftigen mich auch,ich habe nun einfach neue ideen verwirklicht,völlig anders als geplant.
    best wishes wiebke

  3. Helga, I know I could have done that but I want to use the colour in the warp with a 3-1 twill against the black tabby. So, I'll rectify my stupid mistake!

    Wiebke, sometimes you get a different idea through a mistake like this, but I really liked my sample with 3-1 twill so I just want to stick with my original idea.

    See sample in posting September 13 2010.