Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Before and after finishing

I cut my sample from the loom
and washed and pressed it
What a lovely difference. The Tencel has gone soft now and again a lovely drape like the black scarf.
Not so sure if I like the pink thread on the edges. It looked better with the black. To late to change that now, when the scarf is finished it might look different.


  1. It is striking how different the colours look against the white rather than the black, but I agree with Evelyn that it is just as lovely. It wouldn't suit me, but for someone fair, and perhaps wearing a shirt or jacket in one of those pinks or blues... beautiful!

  2. Hi Margreet, I haven't been able to post comments on your blog for months now - they vanish into the ether, I'm trying a different web browser. I wanted to say that I like these colours with the white.

  3. Oh good, it worked!! I am using Google Chrome instead of my usual Firefox browser. I've been reading your blog but stopped being able to leave comments last summer, still don't understand why but at least I have a fix.

  4. Hi Dorothy, no idea why you were not able to post as I have not changed any settings but glad you succeeded again! Thanks for the comment on the colour. It's amazing how different the same colours are with black and white.