Tuesday, January 25, 2011

From black to white with coloured yarn

My silk/Tencel scarf is finished and it is as I thought it would be.
Lovely and bright in combination with the black.
It drapes well too after wet finishing and pressing.

So, on to the next project, the same silk yarn together with white Tencel.
I made my warp "in the round" again like I did with the last scarf. Not from left to right and back again but just going in a circle and when finished warping, cutting the warp.
This time though I just went in the round but did not check to keep the colour together as well as I did with the previous one.
So, the effect is that the colours are more mixed this time but I think the end result will be ok.
 With the black I wove the coloured silk in a 3/1 twill. This time I'm weaving 2/2 twill so that both side will be the same. Not sure how I like the combination with the white Tencel. So, I'm weaving a sample first and see how it will come out when wet finished and pressed.
Here a photo of the first bit of weaving.
And here a photo of the warp where you can see that the colours are more mixed than on the previous warp, specially in the centre.

I've added a new lamp to the loom, a daylight lamp. It makes all the difference. It flexes at 2 points (just above the clamp and in the bend in the middle) so that you can have the light where you want it.
Only problem was that the loom frame was wider than the clamp on the lamp but by using the hole for the beam (that I don't use as I have the loom stand where the beams are on) I'm able to fix the light to the loom.
Above photo shows the clamp in the beam hole on the outside of the loom frame and below it shows the inside of the loom frame.
The light was also useful when I was unpicking the previous scarf where I had made a weaving mistake.


  1. Your black scarf is stunning! It's always amazing how a little bit of black can really punch up the colours. I really like the way your colour changes line up to give a ikat effect....

  2. Je sjaal is geweldig geworden. Met wit ziet het er heel zomers uit. Toch ook wel heel mooi straks denk ik.
    Je 'sjaal' uit je vorige berichtje vind ik heel slim met die lusjes. Ik heb in maart een workhop bij de Spinners (Alison Daykin) en zal dit dan ook zeker doen.
    En wat zijn die daglicht lampen toch onmisbaar geworden hè.

  3. Marion, ik zie je dan in maart. Ik heb een workshop met Helen Melvin....