Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Re-threaded and ready for weaving

I've done it. Took all the threads out and started again threading the heddles on a total of 10 shafts this time!
First I folded the front up again so that I had easy access to the heddles.
I'm using a reed 4 (4 openings per cm) and had worked out how many threads per opening beforehand. I used this schedule when re-threading, bundling the correct threads together for each opening after I had threaded the heddles.
Next, I bundled 6 bundles together, they would be the correct amount once threaded through the reed for tie-on to the loom.
I threaded the black yarn on shaft 1+2 and the coloured yarn on 3 to 10 straight through. To not make a mistake I count out heddles in groups like this:
It all went very well and quick.
Once it was all threaded through the heddles, I could pick up the bundles that I had made and started to thread through the reed.
Once it is all threaded through, I untie each bundle and make sure that each thread is the same length by pulling the bundle and than make a loop at the bottom of the bundle. I go through each bundle like that.
All I had to do now was to tie-on to the loom.
I use a very strong piece of yarn, about 6x the width of the weaving.
I start by tying this onto the loom and next to thread through the first bundle
 and the next
and the next
When they are all done, you keep on adjusting the tension until they are all the same and tie the end piece fast on so that it will not loosen up again.
I'm now ready to start weaving, but that will have to wait until another day.
First something to celebrate, more on that next time.

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