Friday, December 18, 2009

Colour in December

Sue of Life Looms Large has been busy with her camera for a while now. Since October she has challenged others to also show photos. I missed October and I was to late with the November challenge but for December she is challenging us to find colour. Well, it is all white around us at the moment, but I did find some colour!The brambles that did not ripen. I left them on, thinking that the birds might want them. So far they have not touched them.
Earlier this month, when seeing flowers everywhere, I took this picture of our holly. I can hardly see the berries at the moment as the bush is all covered up with snowbut I have seen the birds in it, so by the time the snow has melted I'm sure the berries will all have gone. To late now to get a branch as decoration indoors........

I hope the birds will find this to eat:


  1. I'm glad you could join in this month!! I love your red and green with snow theme!!

    We have a crabapple tree next to holly in our yard. The other morning, the tree and the holly were full of robins who eat fruit in the winter. It's surprising to see so many robins here, where it's cold and snowy, but they sometimes do stay for the winter.

    Sounds like the birds enjoy your holly berries too!

    Stay warm!

  2. Hallo Margreet:
    Wit he? Ook hier in Hauwert.
    Ik heb via Amerika ontdekt, dat je een blog bijhoudt! We volgen zo te zien dezelfde blogs.

  3. Very nice photos! I found a lot of red and green for my "Colors of December" photos too, but no white!

  4. I'm sure the birds have found your gift to them!
    Lovely colors and a treat to stop in and visit.
    Sue has done a great thing connecting us all through what each of us sees at any given time.