Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I'm a happy girl today, my iron press arrived! :-)
Ever since Laura mentioned hard pressing I've been looking around to find one. In Holland you just do not see them so, this one comes from the UK.
I pressed one of the scarves and oh what a difference!
Here are all the "unpressed" scarves.

Below a photo of a "pressed' (right) and an "unpressed" (left) scarf but you cannot see much unfortunately. It is the feel that is so different.

I also pressed this cloth and that too is so much softer. It is now a proper cloth. Hopefully the threads will not pull so easily now.

And the bonus is that I can press other things, not just my weaving. May be dresses would be easier to use an iron but things like t-shirts and shirts are just fine to do (I tried already) and of course the bigger items like bedding and table cloths will be sooooo much easier to do now.


  1. It makes me smile that you could be so pleased to have a new ironing toy!! And - even worse - that I would be delighted with one too!

  2. The presser looks really great! I bought a second-hand clothes rolling device (I don't know the proper Englsh word, unfortunately) and it makes all the difference, especially with linen. I wish you a happy new year!

  3. all my New England weaving adventures, I haven't run across some one with a set up like that. I'll have to be more nosy because I'd love to see what it can do (or feel what it can do).


  4. Cally,
    Oh yes, I'm very happy with my new toy, but I did buy it for use with weaving. However, it happens to be useful for other things :-)

    Your rolling device would be giving the same result with adding pressure to the cloth.

    It was Laura who got me interested in this. I'm so pleased she has written about it. At the moment I've put it on my ironing board. I'll have to see if that is the best place or may be it's own table.
    The 4 scarves were a bit prickly from the warp wool and the one that I have pressed is now nice and smooth and not prickly anymore.

  5. Now that you say that the scarf isn't prickly anymore, I definitely want to find out more about this!! I'm forever getting wool that's pricklier than I want, and wishing for a way to make it soft and nice!!!


  6. Sue,
    I'm not sure if you would get rid of prickliness in every scarf but it worked for the ones I have just woven. The wool I used for warp felt ok when I warped but after weaving I found it more prickly than it was as yarn.