Sunday, December 27, 2009


I'm winding my next warp (using Venne 34/2 cotton yarn) at the moment for the deflected double weaving.

Whilst winding the warp I'm listening on the radio to this at  Mostly old but also recent music is coming by at the Top 2000, mostly English but also Dutch, French, German, Italian and more. You can read a bit of history here how it all started. It is one way of introducing youngsters to music their parents used to listen to ;-) and becoming addicted themselves as it is now the 11th year it is being played. This year's list can be seen here and the music played this hour can be seen here.
Not all the music is my own choice but overall it is really nice to hear so many oldies in such a short space of time. The Beatles top the chart with the most entries, closely followed by The Rolling Stones and Michael Jackson in third place. The oldest entry is from 1936 Billie Holiday with Summertime.

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