Friday, December 18, 2009

More corduroy

I've cut off the third sample and there is still lots of warp left to weave......I had re-threaded like this, double corduroy,and that makes interesting weaving. Here the loops overlap one and other. Many different options are possible. Again I have used odd yarns for weft. Also added some glitter, after all it is December!

A close-up of the first part of this sample:
It was woven like the shown threading above.

This is a close-up of the middle part of this sample:The yellow/blue and the top beige/brown in this bit of the sample are woven like this:The bit in-between was woven like this:giving horizontal stripes. You can see at the back of the sample how different it looks.

This is a close-up of the last part of the sample:
The bottom part (green/pink) is woven like the first part of the sample.
The turquoise/blue is double sided, meaning that you get loops on both sides. I have not cut the loops on the back part of this weaving.The top part of this sample had to be woven with 9 shuttles! I really had to think what to use next each time. Again I have not cut the loops on the back part of the sample.I quite like the last bit of this sample but with 9 shuttles it is slow weaving. I may re-thread the warp again.
There is whole chapter in Peter Collingwoods book "The Techniques of Rug Weaving" about this type of weaving. This link will bring you to the part where the corduroy chapter is written.

Tomorrow I start another course with Marian Stubenitsky this time on deflected double weaving. Last winter I did a double weaving course with her.
I hope the roads will be ok regarding wintry conditions as it is about an hours drive for me from where I live under normal conditions.
I had hoped to have finished this narrow warp for corduroy weaving before starting with this 3 day course (last course day in early April). I have also enrolled on a 5 day colour course for weaving with her starting in January (ending in May). I'm hoping to combine the colour course into the deflected double weaving.


  1. Thanks Margreet - very interesting samples.
    The colour interaction is intriguing, but the idea of using 9 shuttles is very scarey!!

  2. 9 shuttles!! Thanks for including all of the detail, including the drafts, about how you wove this. I really haven't seen handwoven corduroy in person.

    Sounds like you have some very good classes lined up for 2010!! Deflected doubleweave is pretty interesting from what I've seen. I'll be interested to see what you learn.


  3. Weaving with 9 shuttles, that is more than I have ever imagined using, how useful to be able to put them on the shelf over your loom. The corduroy looks very interesting.

  4. Thanks all for the comments.
    The 9 shuttles was ok as long as you were not interrupted! They were all slightly different in colour and different size shuttles. The largest ones went all the way from side to side but the smaller shuttles were the ones that did not weave all the way to the side but had a loop.
    Dorothy, I don't have a shelf over the loom so I have to be careful that the shafts don't throw the shuttles of the loom on the floor when I raise the shafts. :-(
    I'm hoping DH will make me a proper shelf over the loom so that that problem will be solved, should not be to difficult to do.