Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Starting deflected double weaving

I've finished the warping and the first cm is woven.

 In the end I did take the raddle of the Leclerc loom as I did not need it there any longer and I found some other lease sticks, so I could start with warping the Thumm loom. This is a 16 shaft table loom but I'm only using 8 shafts for this warp. For the deflected double weaving I need a closer sett so I have warped 16 threads/cm with a width of 22,5 cm. I feel this is a good sample width but I have made the warp long enough so that I can make a scarf in the end.

But there are so many possibilities with this that I might need all of the warp.
Here are some sample drawings with just 2 colours, same threading but different shaft lifting. These are just some possibilities, there are more!
I'm really looking forward to weaving this warp.


  1. Oooh - now I'm looking forward to you weaving this warp too! It will be great to see pictures!

    A 16 shaft table loom sounds pretty great.

    Have fun!


  2. This looks very exciting! Do you have to change the tie-up, or only the treadling to get the different samples?

  3. I'll be following along. as this is new to me. Have fun.

  4. Charlotte,
    It is a table loom so no tie-up, just the handles. Maybe I worded it not very clear in my enthousiasm :-)
    I'll try and get some drawings up later where you can see better.
    The basic gives stripes but with minor changes (like in double weaving, lifting shafts out of the way) you get all these different patterns.
    I'm hoping to do enough sampling to see what I would like to weave on the bigger loom with treadles.