Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I had some comments about weaving with 9 shuttles.
I seem to have gathered that amount (I have some others too) with looms that I have bought and at sales, so most have had a home before I had them :-)
I discovered that all these happen to be Glimakra shuttles.

The ones that I used in the corduroy weaving are these:

You can see how they all vary in size.

Looking from the side you can also see that they differ in height:

making some very light indeed and the lowest ones only take a small amount of yarn on a bobbin.

This shuttle is the highest and heaviest of the ones shown, is open and has rollers at the bottom:

I specially like weaving with this one when it is a wider cloth that I'm weaving.

More shuttles that I like using are these:

I have added the largest and smallest shuttle to give an idea of size. I have been using these double shuttles for some of the corduroy weaving. They also hold the smallest bobbin yarns from Venne,  mini reels. I find this very handy as there are many colours available.

I'm in the proces of winding a warp for deflected double weaving using Venne cotton yarn shown in the link above. With Christmas only a few days away I might not get it finished and warped as I had hoped doing.

Today the temperature is above zero so the snow is melting but there is enough of it (we had more than 20cm fall) so it will take a while for it all to go and temperatures are falling again later.
 Yesterday and today:

Not a good time to go out on the road, when to do my Christmas shopping?!?!?


  1. Glad to see that your snow is melting!!

    It's interesting to see your different shuttles. I just discovered that mine are Glimakra (like some of your medium sized ones). I need to get a few more - and I want something good for weaving wide. It's good to see your recommendations.

    I still have trouble keeping 2 shuttles straight when I'm weaving. I feel like 9 would be a big tangled mess in my hands.

    Have fun!

  2. It's not yet to freezing but melting enough that the dogs track it in. Interesting post on shuttles. End feed seems to be the rage but I'm determined to be a good weaver with the boat shuttles that I have. I'm learning that weight is important.