Sunday, December 27, 2009


We had the family around on Boxing Day as the forecast was black ice for Christmas Day. In the end it was all a lot better than forecasted, but better safe than sorry, so we had changed our family gathering to Saturday.
I feel we were very fortunate again to have both our grandchildren and my father visiting us this Christmas, young and old together. The grandchildren are 4 and 2 years old and my father will be 99 in 16 days time. Our grandson has named my father opa-opa (Dutch for granddad, but doubled up) to make a difference with his granddad. How children can come up with simple solutions :-)

Here they are helping opa-opa with opening a present ;-)

My warp is made, now I have to find a way of getting it on my Thumm loom, as I have the raddle and lease sticks still in use on the Leclerc loom. Tomorrow is another day!


  1. You're picture certainly captures the sweetness of the moment. I hope the children will remember. My mother passed away at 95 before my grandchildren were old enough to remember her, but she loved them and she adored my children. Everyone should have an adoring grandparent and I intend to fill that role to the best of my ability.

  2. It's quite rare nowadays to have four generations gathered, I think. What a lovely picture, you're a fortunate family!

  3. Margreet, the photo is so precious. I know it was a wonderful holiday for you and your entire family.

  4. That's a wonderful photo and story. I hope there's a great celebration for his 99th birthday as well!

    Are you warping 2 looms at once? I always take the raddle and lease sticks off once I have the heddles threaded, but I know not everyone does that.

    Happy Holidays!