Sunday, December 06, 2009


I'm slowly getting on with the corduroy weaving. For weft yarn I'm using odd bobbins and found some cones that I thought would be useless for weaving but hé for the loops they would be ok!
So far I have finished 2 samples.
After the first sample I cut it of the loom (you can see that I did not cut all the loops, it is nice to play with that) and re-threaded as I wanted to try something different like this:
The result is that there are less loops, not sure if it would work (has it become to predictable?) but I just wanted to try it out. It just depends what you are weaving for.
After this sample, I cut it of the loom again and re-threaded for the double corduroy like this:Here I'm using the yarns, all cotton, that I thought was no good. The green just breaks up very quickly but used in the loops it would be ok. I've combined them with a bit of glitter yarn.
Here you can see how I cut the double corduroy, the loops overlap one and other so you have to be very precise to find the right row for cutting. I've tried to show you in a sequence of photos how it works.

Yesterday was Sinterklaas in Holland. You can read more about it here. I had hoped to have gone to the grandchildren but I'm stuck down with a bad cold at the moment so had to stay home. But I did see them 2 weeks ago when we went together to see Sinterklaas who happened to visit their village hall that day! (They are both in the foreground in this picture)


  1. Interesting to see your corduroy samples! I don't think I've ever seen handwoven corduroy.

    Your grandchildren are so cute! And Sinterklaas looks so majestic up on that stage.


  2. I wonder if corduroy may be named differently in handwoven fabrics. Looking in books I could not find much.

  3. Your samples are beautiful! I really like both sides, maybe you could use this effect...I can see lots of things woven with this technique!

  4. Doni, thanks for the compliment.
    Yes, the beauty of this technique is that you can make use of both sides. Planning in advance how you will cut the cloth for sewing. No need to cut all loops, so you can play with that. Or have the cut loops on the inside for warmth.