Monday, August 23, 2010

Nearly a month gone by

Time seems to fly away. I have finished the warp on the Magic Dobby and the loom is back with its rightful owner. It was a great way to find out how this dobby loom is actually weaving. After the initial doubts I really began to like the loom. You have to compare it really with a table loom that has the advantage of the dobby.
As you can see, it fits neatly in one piece into the boot of the car.
With a width of 70 cm it gives a lot of options for weaving. So, who knows what the future brings  regarding getting my own dobby :-)

I will try and get some photos of the finished warp.
With the last 2 meters of the warp I wove a scarf as I had done enough sampling after 4 meters for that moment. I'm now thinking about my next warp. I have some lovely silk that I dyed last year at Summer School. I also have some Tencel so might combine the 2 for a nice scarf. Having woven lots of samples I need to get a real project going with lots of colour.

I'm getting over a week of having the grandchildren here last week, one after the other. That was a great idea not to have them here at the same time. This way we could give all our attention to the one that was staying.
First it was our 5 year old grandson. I took him to the Natural History Museum.
He enjoyed it very much. We also went to this museum, great fun, specially as they give a very good tour of the museum where you can hear and see the museum pieces in action. He is a very active boy, so it was nice when he went home again after having had 4 lovely days together.
We had a break of 2 nights before our 3 year old granddaughter came to stay. It was her very first time away from home for the night. After the initial shock of realizing that she really was away from home on her own she was fine. I also took her to a museum here.
We had a great time together the days she was here.

I just have to share this with you: Weave!
Do have a look, it is really worth watching. What a great project of 12 weavers.
More on it at Alice Schlein's blog.