Monday, May 18, 2015

this and that

So much happened since my last post
Spent a wonderful 8 days in the Dordogne for a workshop by Marian Stubenitsky with friends
Result of 3 days weaving, with 8 of the 9 weavings showing, mine is 2nd from the right
We worked hard but also had so much fun together. A great week thanks to great hosts.
We are planning a follow up workshop for next year :)

I now have my Interface installed at my Megado after some hiccups in the weekend, the wrong cable was in the box but Louet is going to send the correct one together with another thing missing. I used the cable from Magic Dobby and this is how I found that this was the problem why I could not get the Interface to talk with my computer. Great support received from Louet!

So, inspiring workshop and the Megado all set up ready for weaving. Now to plan a warp to bring the 2 together. But first a friend visiting from London, so the planning will just be in my head for the moment.

Last week was Textile Festival in Leiden, I went there for one day. But so much to see, impossible to see all in one day. I went to the Pieterskerk, the actual festival was there on show for 4 days, very well put together, with beautiful work on show. Other things will still be on view for longer. I went to Sieboldhuis to see this I might go back to see it again, magic. There are films to be found online. Here one of them but there are more to be found. Worth watching. What an artist he was.
I also went to see the interesting Geisha exhibition at Museum Volkenkunde, still to see until May 25th. What I missed was the exhibition there by the Ikat Kring, I think that is no longer there. There was much more to see in Leiden but there is a limit to what you can take in, in a day.

Yesterday I went to the opening of a textile exhibition in Kunsthuis Secretarie te Meppel. A great exhibition with many different artists but I was blow away by 4 large tapestries by Marianne Benkӧ. Also beautiful linen scarves by Helene Loermans. All other textiles beautiful too but not woven but well worth seeing all. Last day of the exhibition is July 12th.

And after I came home there was a draw for a yarn give away on one of the facebook groups. There would be 4 winners for 4kg of silk each!! And low and behold, I'm one of the 4 lucky winners. Looking forward to receiving a box of yarn this week from Belgium by generous gift from Filip Elgers. I will have to see it first, it is lightly coloured grey but I intend to dye some myself. Will see how tight the yarn is spun and if it will take the dye ok. So, a big project coming for the Megado :) I would like to weave some fabric for a jacket with this yarn.