Friday, May 30, 2014

another day West Weeft

Rain has stopped and the sun came out today.
But the weather has not made any difference, so far we have had lots of visitors each day.
This shows how to find us from the road side.
Two more days to go.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

West Weeft continues

The last few days we have had nothing but rain but despite this we have had a steady flow of visitors. Rain has stopped now and the next few days should be more sunny.

Monday, May 26, 2014

West Weeft - Week van het weven

This week we have a big event here: Week van het weven
From tomorrow until Sunday it's open house at 40+ addresses in the West of Holland', weaving studios and guilds.
I'm joining a weaving friend, together with 2 other weavers. Today we set up our exhibition (we are at location 22).
She will stand by the roadside to welcome visitors
Part of the exhibition
My ondulé scarves are on show too
Weaving with the ondulé reed

We are looking forward to receiving visitors during this week. I will not be there myself Tuesday and Thursday as I hope to go to a few places myself.


Today, my granddaughter is 7. She wanted a loom! The latest craze here is the Rainbow loom, so she was given one, of course.
She managed quite well
very quickly she had a few bracelets ready
Not sure if she would be a future weaver though, but you never know

Monday, May 12, 2014

new project

yarns sorted, now getting the warp made
very fine yarns 64/2, so thinking of trebling the yarns
thinking of 20 threads per cm for a double weave

in print

Just discovered that a photo of my weaving is in the latest issue of Selvedge. They have only placed the wrong name with the photo.....

Thursday, May 08, 2014

blogging and facebook

Problem with having joined Facebook, is that I have not spent so much time blogging lately :-(

Almost a month has gone by since my last posting.
I've just come back from lovely 5 days England with my friend Gillie. We were so lucky with the weather, perfect for driving and going around places.
Main reason was to spent time with friends celebrating their golden wedding anniversary. Lovely to see them with their family and friends. Hope to meet up with them again sometime soon in France.
It was Bank Holiday weekend, so always a busy time but also lots to see.
Sunday was spent going around Standen House & Gardens
Monday we went to Penshurst Art & Craft Show
All very pleasant events. Also a day of retail therapy and the visit came to an end.
Missing my late husband a lot this time. May be partly to do with, it being his friend he grew up with, who's anniversary it was.

Back home now and time to get the loom filled up with a warp.
We have a guild challenge to weave a scarf. Rolling a dice to determine what structure to weave with what yarn and colour. I will now get on with this but will not revile yet what my dice throws have determined.

On coming back home, Marian's English book had arrived. What a pleasant surprise to find.
It really is a beautiful book and it should be on every weavers bookshelf as it is written for all weavers with 4 to 32 shafts.
Pleased I was able to translate it for her with help from my friend Gillie and glad that Marg and Ruth went over it thoroughly, correcting what needed to be corrected.