Thursday, October 20, 2011

Green scarves

Productivity is not high at the moment. Just very little energy.
I have finished the green warp at last by finishing the fringe twisting yesterday.
The warp was enough for one good length scarf and the 2nd was just a bit short but with the long fringe on one side it still makes an acceptable scarf. See difference in photo on the left. The scarf on the right has been washed and pressed in both photos. It is very soft after washing & pressing and will be sent soon as a "thank you" present.

Next week is half term, so I will have the grandchildren here one after the other for most of the week.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Spinning weekend

I've been away a few days as it was our yearly national spinning weekend.
The weekend is held in a conference centre in the middle of the woods. We even heard the red deer at a distance as it was toward the end of the rutting season.
I did some spinning (Hampshire Down)
and knitting (commercial yarn, that I had dyed with cochineal some time ago)
The weather has been exceptional this last week, braking all records for this time of the year but it is getting back towards "normal for this time of year" weather now. It was lovely whilst it lasted.

The cats were very pleased to have me home again, following me everywhere the first day home!