Sunday, September 14, 2014

hurray, problem solved

I now know what the cause was for the bobbin winder to fail.
Somehow the plug does not fit perfect at some point and that is when it just stops working. By squeezing the plug to make the wholes round again (they looked slightly oval) the contact is back to normal.
Problem solved!
A sewing machine repair man solved this problem yesterday, apparently this sometimes happens with sewing machines too.

So, at last able to go back to my double weave project that has been waiting patiently. Have to feel a bit better before I do that; some flu symptoms :(

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Finished 2 scarves on Minerva and very pleased with the result.
The same warp, a fluffy felting wool, but a different colour weft alpaca yarn used.
They shrunk quite a bit, as I was expecting them to do. They feel lovely and soft!

Yesterday I picked up my Leclerc bobbin winder that had been looked at and was working again. Hurray! So, very much looking forward to getting back to my double weave project. After winding almost 1 full bobbin, the winder stopped again, like before. So frustrating!! I'm waiting to hear from my sewing machine man who got it to work again, to find out what he thinks might be the matter.
When it works it's a wonderful piece of equipment. It's only about 1,5 years old and the first year I hardly used it. So, I'm very disappointed with it braking down so quickly. You do not expect that when you make such an investment.
I need to be able to wind a few bobbins before I'm able to continue with my double weave project. I've trebled the warp yarn and am also trebling the weft yarn. By using the endfeed shuttle I can load plenty weft yarn on the pirns. These pirns however do not fit onto my hand winder.

Looks like I have to go back to Minerva to continue weaving:
and finished a 3rd scarf :-)

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Leclerc Minerva

As I'm waiting for my bobbin winder to be returned to me I have taken out the Leclerc Minerva loom and made a very short warp for just 1 scarf.
The warp is a thick felting wool and the weft a thin soft alpaca. It's been ages since I used this little loom and I had forgotten what a lovely loom it really is.
Just a bit noisy with all the metal...